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Protecting Your New Graduate

graduateSummer has arrived, and our children have graduated high school. Some are preparing to go away for college, and some may be going off an a backpacking trip. Have you considered that they may need the protection that they parents may still provide? When we think of a Power of Attorney we usually consider those of us advancing in age, but your children can still benefit from these forms. They are now over the age of 18, and the law considers them to be adults. They can make their own decisions, but sometimes situations arise when the can't. You will no longer have ready access to their medical situation. Their colleges expect you to pay their tuition, but won't grant you access to their health records.

You should recommend to your children that they sign:

After these papers are properly signed and witnessed, send a copy to the college to be placed in their file.  Keep a copy for yourself to keep for that middle of the night call.

The forms can be revoked by your children at any time, such as when they get married.

Remember that college can be stressful, and many mental problems do not appear until early adulthood. A HIPAA authorization must specifically state it applies to mental health records or it will apply only to general health records.

Please consult your attorney about getting these forms in place

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